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Now that you have nurtured your product to perfection, it deserves a label that delivers the message "BUY ME!" That's where Magnolia Label Company comes in.

We begin by researching your product and its marketing plan. We listen to you about your goals, ideas and expectations. Then we use a team approach to incorporate your ideas into a label that effectively portrays the quality and personality of your product.

Our professional design department is uniquely qualified. Talented artists working with state-of-the-art computer graphics and creative manual illustration, provide eye-catching images. Thousands of type styles, special effects and 16.7 million color combinations will be at their disposal as they create your one-of-a-kind label.

The sky is the limit! From smaller than a postage stamp to larger than a car tag, Magnolia Label Company prints a wide range of shapes and sizes. Brilliant non-toxic inks, top quality adhesives, weather resistant lamination and razor-sharp dies assure you of a top quality label.

From one to a rainbow of colors, our in-house printing department is equipped to meet all production requirements.

Labels are run following a conscientious client-approval and in-house inspection process. Before shipping, your labels are rewound into rolls that meet your dispenser's requirements. Our labels are shipped worldwide to satisfy the demand of increasingly aware consumers.

Our labels are approved by:

Due to the production of food and pharmaceutical labels, we are in direct contact with FDA and USDA, staying on top of the latest regulations. In addition, we are from time to time audited by these departments.

We manufacture bar codes of all types, including UPC, 2 of 5, EAN, CODE 39, and their extensions.

All work at Magnolia Label Company is done in-house. This is very important in regards to quality control and scheduling. The only step that is outsourced is the making of special stainless steel cutting dies.

We are proud to have a fully staffed art department which can reproduce and work from your idea or use their creativity to create a special design for you and your company.

Our pressmen are trained to handle a simple one color label right through a multicolor complex design. The rewind department is trained to take a final critical look at the labels for our last point of quality control. Here labels are counted and put on the required roll size and prepared for delivery or shipping.

Join the Magnolia Label Family and Label Yourself a Success!